Due diligence

We are a small nonprofit organization with solid pillars. We work hard to be a reliable, transparent, and trusted partner. As such, we make publicly available our policies, and we accept suggestions to improve our procedures.

Transparency policy

Alliesfor Wildlife values its relationship with its members, its donors, its volunteers, and other stakeholders who partner with it to enable it to achieve its purpose.  It recognizes that transparency and accountability build trust and help those relationships to flourish.

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Financial policy

We apply financial management in the operation of all our activities to fulfill the
organization’s mission in the most effective and efficient manner and to remain accountable
to stakeholders, including clients, partners, funders, employees, and the community. In order
to accomplish this, we commit to providing accurate and complete financial data for
internal and external use by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.

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Conflict of interest policy

Our Conflict of Interest and Compensation Policy protects A4W’s interests when it is considering taking an action or entering into a transaction that might benefit the private interests of a director, officer or key person, result in the payment of excessive compensation to a director, officer or key person; or otherwise violate state and federal laws governing conflicts of interest applicable to nonprofit, charitable organizations.

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Procurement policy

Our Procurement and Purchasing policy establishes the procedures necessary to ensure all our procurement measures undertaken are completed in a full, fair and open market. The goal of this policy is to ensure goods and services are purchased in accordance to procurement regulations.

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"When you open the door toward openness and transparency,
a lot of people will follow you through.”
~ Kirsten Gillibrand       

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